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IV Therapy is used as a quick and effective way of delivering nutrients to the body and are introduced directly into the body’s circulation.

At La Visage Aesthetic Clinic we use IV Therapy to introduce specialist Immune Boosting and other Vitamin Cocktails directly into your body’s circulation.

The IV Treatment Therapy we use is known to; improve skin health and complexion, increase energy levels, detox the body, strengthen hair and nail and more.

iv therapy treatment

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IV Therapy FAQ’s

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous therapy (IV) is a therapy that delivers fluids directly into a vein. The intravenous route of administration can be used both for injections, using a syringe at higher pressures; as well as for infusions, typically using only the pressure supplied by gravity. Intravenous infusions are commonly referred to as drips.

What is IV Therapy used for?

The intravenous method is the quickest and most effective way to deliver nutrients to the body as they are introduced directly into the body’s circulation. IV Therapy at La Visage clinic is used as an effective method of delivering specialist Immune Boosting & other Vitamin Cocktails into the body’s circulation.

Does IV Therapy really work?

In situations where you feel lethargic, suffer from stress, and see the effect of this on your skin and body, IV Therapy can help to boost your immune system having you feel full of life again.

How long is an IV Therapy Treatment?

Treatments range from 15 to 30 minutes depending on your choice of treatment. We can run the drip over a longer period by request for up to 60 minutes.

How often should I go for IV Therapy?

This can vary from person to person but typically the vitamins remain in your system and help maintain and give you that boosted feeling for around two to three weeks.

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