Why is Laser Hair Removal Necessary? 

The pace of life that many of us keep today often leaves one with very few minutes to spare.

Most individuals today are in 8-5 jobs including weekends, so any rest time that we have is usually savoured amongst friends, family or even used just to rest.

Of course, then, self-grooming is often a task that is left to the last minute or seen as a tedious chore. With the modern male and female always under pressure to look good or keep up-to-date with leading aesthetic practices it’s no wonder that medicine and science are always striving to develop treatments that are both quick and effective, such as laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has revolutionised the way we view hair. Science has come a long way since the advent of laser hair removal with newer, more effective systems constantly being introduced.

We at LaVisage, are delighted with our latest acquisition – our all-new Elase Laser hair removal machine. This machine offers the perfect hair removal solution for people of ALL skin colours and types, quickly and pain-free!

The new Elase motif has the following benefits:

  • It uses diode laser technology combined with RF (radio frequency).
  • The new motif hair removal mode is both effective and comfortable with increased client safety and reduced treatment times on all skin types.
  • Proprietary active dermal monitoring feature monitor skin impedance during each pulse for added safety.
  • Contact cooling promotes client comfort.
  • The elos combined energy provides highly selective targeting of the hair follicle and shaft while protecting the surrounding tissue. The motif mode offers treatment options for high frequency, multiple pass, “virtually painless”, hair removal on all skin types.
  • The combination of 810mm diode laser plus bi-polar RF allows you to treat more patients in less time. Fast treatments can be achieved with a constant frequency output of up to 3Hz using the largest treatment spot size in the industry (15 x 12mm). Perfect for treating large areas, like men’s backs or women’s legs. The elōsMotif combined energy provides highly selective targeting of the hair follicle and shaft while protecting the surrounding tissue. The Motif LHR Applicator’s “Motif Mode” offers treatment options for high frequency, multiple pass, “virtually painless”, hair removal on all skin types. Treat more patients, more effectively, and faster

As an aesthetic practitioner, this machine meets all of our target goals for our clients. Previously, clients of darker skin colour usually struggled to achieve great results, often having to endure many painful sessions and poor results – including suffering burns to the skin. With the all-new Elase Hair removal machine, all of these unpleasant reactions are a thing of the past!

Typical results are seen over a 8-12 treatment sessions with many starting to see results as early as after the third treatment! Most clients have commented on how surprised they have been to see results so quickly and how amazed they have been to note that the treatments are virtually painless.

Why choose laser hair removal?

  • Perfection: Lasers can safely and effectively target dark, coarse hair while leaving the surrounding tissue/skin unaffected
  • Speed: Each pulse of the laser takes only a fraction of a second and targets more than one hair follicle at a time
  • Precision: Lasers are meant to be precise – resulting in no surrounding tissue damage
  • Ingrown hair: This is now a thing of the past with lasers – clients who previously did waxing or shaving will know all too well their battle with ingrown hair
  • Laser, unlike waxing, does not cause any inflammation of the skin
  • Laser offers a long term solution for hair removal/reduction

The question of which is the best laser often arises when discussing hair removal. Diode lasers provide extremely effective solutions for both light and dark skin types and can be used to treat large body areas as well. The Diode laser hair removal system involves a beam of concentrated light and heat that is directed into the hair follicles, and therefore to the melanin contained in them. The pigment absorbs the laser energy and is destroyed, inhibiting hair growth in the affected hair follicles. The laser energy is directed at these follicles while simultaneously protecting the surrounding skin from harm.

IPL laser hair removal is a very popular method of hair removal. An IPL laser uses “intense pulsed light” to gently and safely remove hair on the face, legs, back, and bikini / pubic areas. The pulses of light focus their heat on the hair follicles, destroying them without burning or damaging the skin. Good candidates for IPL laser hair removal will have lighter skin and darker hair, since IPL targets pigment in the hair follicles.

The Nd: YAG laser can be used for effective hair removal by all types of patients, including those who have tanned skin. Large areas of the body can be treated quickly with this type of laser. There may be slightly more discomfort with the Nd: YAG laser than with other hair removal machines.

Clients often ask the question – “is laser hair removal permanent?” The only true treatment for the permanent removal of hair is Electrolysis. With laser hair removal, a significant reduction of hair is observed but occasional top-up sessions are needed. The usual response with laser hair removal is that the hair growth retards so much that one can stop shaving altogether. Maintenance top-up sessions are advised.

Another common concern is the safety profile of the treatment. Aside from the expected physical symptoms (mild redness/inflammation, or discolouration of the skin and or surrounding tissue) – laser hair removal is not implicated in any significant medical conditions itself. There is no research that shows that the light energy from the laser causes any form of cancer.


Clients are urged not to wait until hair turns grey to do laser hair removal. The laser works by targeting the melanin pigment in our hair follicles. The light is focused on the follicles of the growing hairs, which is heated and destroyed. So early intervention will ensure best results – Book your next laser hair removal session as soon as possible.